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The Red Hot Cyber community

The Red Hot Cyber community is made up of a collection of people who actively collaborate, with different roles, to create targeted content focused on information security and technology, with the aim of spreading awareness and culture, and generating a mentality of widespread attention to IT risk and technology in general. All free of any political contamination.

Main collaborators

Founder of Red Hot Cyber and head of the RED Team and zero-day research of TIM S.p.a. He has held managerial positions in Telecom Italia ranging from governance and risk management to security audits, to software engineering, from a background in software development, operations, and teaching.

Roberto Villani

Cyberspace amateur, perpetual political science student, he used to hope to meet Stanley Kubrick to help him photograph where the sun rises. Risk analysis, Intelligence and Criminal Law have been his breakfast for 30 years.

Author, screenwriter, former journalist, SEO, Literature and Philosophy graduate with a specialisation in Economic History and Architecture, Master of Cyber Security & Digital Forensics, and Digital Philosophy. She is an optimistic sailor.

Antonio Piovesan

Computer Engineering graduate with an Executive Master in Cybersecurity and Data Protection, and the Specialisation Certificate IBM Cybersecurity Analyst from Coursera. Passionate about Cybersec, he deals with development on SW projects and Secure Code.

Computer Science graduate (with a master’s degree in Computer Security and a master’s degree from Stanford University), he has worked as an analyst in the Security Operation Centre (Se.OC or SOC) in an Italian TELCO and in the space sector. He leads an international team of researchers focused on Threat Intelligence, reverse engineering and incident response.

Daniela Farina

Philosophy and Psychology graduate, professional counsellor, passionate about work life balance and mindfulness, supporting a team of cyber security testers at TIM S.p.a.

Fernando Curzi

IT engineer, certified pentester, cybersecurity analyst, web developer and freelancer collaborator of RHC. Author of the Hackerpunk e-book.

Roberto Campagnola

Particle physics graduate, and current research fellow at the National Laboratories of Frascati-INFN and CERN, he deals with the upgrade of the CMS – Compact Muon Solenoid experiment for the Large Hadron Collider.

Luca is a Cyber Security professional with a deep passion for the digital world and hacking. Luca is the author of the “” project. He led the first Italian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) certified by Trusted Introducer, and teaches malware analysis at the University of Bologna. He is a former member of the “ANeSeC” team, one of the first Italian cyber war-game teams founded way back in 2011.

Pietro Di Maria

CyberSecurity Advisor and Cyber Security & Intelligence Manager with international experience in the field of Cyber Threat Intelligence applied to contexts of cyber and non-cybercrime. Lover of hacker psychology and all facets of the hacking world.

Serena Carlini

Computer Engineering graduate, she deals with the design of Assessment solutions, as well as being a lover of technology and Cybersecurity in general. Currently holds the role of Security Operation Specialist at Immunity Scan.

He is a freelancer, teacher and expert in Forensic IT, Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking and Network Management. He has collaborated with important training institutes at an international level and has practised teaching and tutorship in advanced Offensive Security techniques for NATO, receiving important recognitions from the United States government. His motto is “Study. Always”.

Stefano Monti

Computer science teacher (Academy of fine arts) LA.BA. Project Manager – Technological Consultant Computer Engineering, distance learning, Padua.

Tara Lie

Cyber Security consultant from Perth, Western Australia, focused on governance, risk quantification and compliance. Graduate of cyber security and pure mathematics, with a second-major in Italian Studies. Tara is pursuing a Masters in Cyber Security. 

Emanuele Buchicchio

IT engineer specialising in the development of web applications and services, IoT, industry 4.0, IT security and artificial intelligence. He has held technical and managerial roles within the PA and has been technical director (CTO) at Smartpeg srl since 2016.

Michele Pinassi

Born and raised in Siena, he is Head of Cybersecurity at the University of Siena. He has been working in the ICT field for over 20 years, using only open-source software. Always attentive to issues of privacy and digital civil rights, through his blog started in 2000, he is still actively engaged in raising awareness among citizens on these issues.

Carlo Di Pietro

Journalist, freelancer and P.G. assistant specialising in tenders, e-commerce, hardware, software, networks and advertising graphics. Passionate about computing since 1990, a tech-head in his spare time.


Matteo Rumanò

Computer forensic consultant, Founder of CHrypto Farm S.A. which deals with eco-sustainable cryptocurrency mining, Cyber Security and Networking consultant for I Commerce S.r.L., and head of the Swiss data centre Safeoncloud S.A. “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”

Occasional collaborators

Ilaria Montoro

Graduate of Social Research, Security Policies and Crime, after having completed a three-year degree course in Cognitive Psychology Sciences and techniques. I have a certificate of Clinical Criminology and Psychopathology of Crimes of Passion, and I have an Executive Master in Cyber Security, Digital Forensics & Computer Crimes.

Pietro Cornelio

ICT systems analyst and electronic and electrical systems specialist with over 25 years of international experience. He has worked for large telecommunications companies, first at Italtel’s R&D laboratories and later at Siemens. He has coordinated international projects in the fields of aeronautics, industrial and energy.

Roberto Capra

A Legal Information Technology graduate, he subsequently obtained an Executive Masters of Criminology and Information Security. He is legal advisor for the ADICONSUM Consumers association, with whom he has carried out awareness campaigns in schools on safe surfing on the Web.

Carlo Denza

Graduate of Computer Science, and as an electronic expert. He attended the Computer Sciences course in the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical, and Natural Sciences at the University of Naples Federico II. Following a Java course, he now collaborates in the development of a web application for services in the healthcare sector. He publishes a pamphlet, a collection of informative articles.

Eros Capobianco

Systems and Network Security student at the University of Milan and Lead Java & React developer at ServerCRM. Graduate of, and passionate about, IT security. I have always developed personal projects for educational purposes, carried out research activities for documentation and insights, as well as completed many courses on various online platforms such as EDX / PluralSight / Udemy with the aim of expanding my knowledge.

Riccardo Alberti

Industrial expert in electronics and telecommunications, he has been passionate about the world of information technology since the early 90s. He studies and disseminates information about cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. He is an activist for Privacy and Civil Liberties in the digital world. Volunteer developer for The Tor Project and a member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Mario Rossano

Expert in cryptography and cybersecurity, he is the founder and CEO of Netlogica. Chief Software Engineer at CINI “National Interuniversity Consortium for Informatics”, on the Program the Future project. He has facilitated collaborations between establishments on national and international level, including the University of Naples Federico II, Informatics Europe, and HP. He designed the FNA (Fractal Numerical Algorithm) fractal encryption. Member of NaLUG (Napoli GNU/Linux Users Group) and the Italian Perl Community, he was speaker at Linux Day, Codemotion, IPW, and YAPC-EU.

Angelo Giuliani

Technician and Forensic Analyst, and former freelance journalist, he has been interested in IT for over 20 years. Training as an Industrial Expert in Computer Science, and subsequently a Degree in Political Science and International Relations, have allowed him to enhance his approach to the subject in many aspects, also from a social point of view.

Ilaria Primiceri

Journalist, social media manager, storyteller and content creator. Among her great loves are writing, communication and its media, TV and advertising. She is an expert in 90s pop culture.

Silvia Felici

Red Hot Cyber Security Advisor, SEO, Open Source and Supply chain network. Currently at TIM S.p.a. to support microbusiness on installation and configuration of basic software issues and assurance for external network logic problems.

Damiano Capo

Graduating in Physics, he has worked in the ATLAS project and the development of flavour-changing algorithms on Neutrinos. Passionate about security and ethical hacking, he has participated in security testing activities at the PA as well as drawing up software development methodologies.

Having always been a fan of cyber security and geopolitics, and trying to combine these two passions, lately I have found satisfaction in analysing ransomware groups, focussed mainly on cryptography and supporting open-source software.

Edoardo Bavaro

Computer engineering student, software developer, web developer and freelancer. Passionate about the world of hacking and cyber security in general.