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- May 19th, 2024 - (Posted in Cybercrime and Darknet)
Every nerd or technology enthusiasts cannot deny the influence of the 1980s on modern computer science. Commodore Amiga, Nintendo, Apple II, now computers are affordable to everyone who could finally benefits of this outstanding innovation. During this years what actually changed the view of the world was the birth of...

The History of the Unix Operating System (Part 2)

Author: Carlo DenzaOriginal Publication Date: 07/10/2021Translator: Tara Lie Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home, directed by Leonard Nimoy (USA, 1986, Paramount Pictures): “The starship

Technology Evolution

The History of the UNIX operating system (Part 1)

Author: Carlo DenzaOriginal Publication Date: 12/12/2020Translator: Tara Lie This article discusses the history of the Unix operating system (OS), a miracle of modern technology. This OS is used

Cyber politics

Hacker gang OPERA1ER stole $11 million from African companies

Amsterdam, 07.11.2022 — Group-IB has today issued a new report, “OPERA1ER. Playing God without permission,” in collaboration withthe researchers from Orange CERT Coordination Center. The report takes a deep dive

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