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- May 19th, 2024 - (Posted in Cybercrime and Darknet)
Every nerd or technology enthusiasts cannot deny the influence of the 1980s on modern computer science. Commodore Amiga, Nintendo, Apple II, now computers are affordable to everyone who could finally benefits of this outstanding innovation. During this years what actually changed the view of the world was the birth of...
Cybercrime and Darknet

ClamAV and signatures generation

Threat intelligence has many fields of application, starting from control of infrastructures using automation processes to security increasing the perimeter of applications and solutions in

Cybercrime and Darknet

Loki, starting IOC discovering

Today is always more important and significant to be efficient in controlling our own infrastructures; actions to put in place for this verification process shall

Cybercrime and Darknet

Flipping pages, from userland to godmode

Traslate: Antonio Piovesan On X, Lau (@notselwyn) ( released a blogpost on 26 March at describing an elaborate attack on the Linux kernel that

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